What is empathy about

What is empathy about and why is it so important?

When you heard about tragedies that people have done, you might wonder how a person could commit such horrible crimes. These people lack one important quality: “empathy.” But what is empathy about and why makes it us share someones…


How to fight poverty?

Many people have little idea what people in developing countries really need and desire. Expert in the West assumes they know what the poor need, but funds for charity and aid often go to the wrong people or too…

what is communication about

What is communication about and how to improve it?

On a regular day, we communicate with a number of different people like our loved ones, colleagues, and strangers. Sometimes, these conversations end badly when conflict arises, and we leave the conversation feeling overlooked or emotional. This is not…

What is Business Marketing

What is Business Marketing?

Marketing strategies have completely changed over time. Now modern strategies are much more practical and easier to apply. It starts with finding people who have a problem you can solve, and you need to ensure they know and trust…

How to build a successful team

How to build a successful team?

Most business owners think profit is the most important indicator of success. But what matters to become profitable is not how much money your company makes but how well your team works together. To archive corporate success, employees are…

Why Trust is Important

Why Trust is Important

When you think trust only matters in the big moments of life like the wedding, the business deal, or in the hospital, you would be wrong. Trust can influence practically every aspect of our lives and use up a…


Top 15 Money Investment Ideas in 2022

Where should I invest my money? In this article, you can discover what investments are fitting for yourself and what the risks are. It doesn´t matter if you have 50 or 500.000 to invest there are enough Ideas where…

Stock Market

How stories change the economy and the stock market?

Have you ever wondered why the stock market and economies often behave in strange ways? Many economists will say that it is all about numbers and statistics. So the only way to understand the economy is to interpret these…

best online courses

Best Online Courses to learn a new Skill

Want to learn a new skill, find a new hobby or improve your personal and professional development? Then why not try out Online Learning where you can learn something new everywhere where you got internet access. Some websites even…

what is innovation about

What is Innovation about?

Jet engines vaccination and the rolling suitcase are all products that make our lives more comfortable, convenient, and connected. But how were they created? Through innovation, while this leaves the question of who are these innovators, and what is…