How to learn effectively?

Many think when they hear the word learning, they have to be a genius with outstanding memory. And to be willing to bury their heads in the books. But that is not the case; everyone can become an efficient…

why is social media bad

Why is Social Media bad for your Mental Health?

Social Media is a place where billions of people post to get followers, likes, shares, and comments to feel good and to be someone. But what's the point of sharing your life online with people if you are not…

toxic school system

Why School is Bad and Toxic? And What needs to Change?

When the school system is so outdated that it was designed in the industrial age, the mentality is mass production and mass control; then you know there is something wrong with the system in this new age. Children have…

Seek Discomfort

How to seek discomfort?

We have all the things we don´t like doing — risks and actions we don´t want to take out of fear that they will fail. Changes we don´t want to make. Dreams that we don´t pursue because it is…

find your passion in life

How to find your passion in life?

The Dream of finding your passion in life can be the path to success and happiness. It gets even better when you can earn money by doing what you love, but this is easier said than done. Often people…


Top 15 Money Investment Ideas in 2023

Where should I invest my money? In this article, you can discover how to start investing money for beginners, what investments are fitting for yourself, and what the risks are. It doesn´t matter if you have 50 or 500.000…

What is neuromarketing and

What is neuromarketing and how does it work?

There are many different marketing techniques businesses are using. These strategies all have one thing in common: they aim to get more customers and visitors. One of these techniques is neuromarketing which allows businesses to get more detailed information…

how to deal with depression

How to deal with depression and what causes it?

Are you focusing too much time on the negative things in life? Do you wish you were happier? You are not alone. Depression affects people all over the world. There is a high chance that you or someone you…

When is the next financial crisis

When is the next financial crisis?

Too much panic in the world can damage not only the environment or society but can also lead to big economic disasters. However, if it happens all at once, there's something big going on. This can lead to a…