toxic school system

Why School is Bad and Toxic? And What needs to Change?

When the school system is so outdated that it was designed in the industrial age, the mentality is mass production and mass control; then you know there is something wrong with the system in this new age. Children have…

best online courses

Best Online Courses to learn a new Skill

Want to learn a new skill, find a new hobby or improve your personal and professional development? Then why not try out Online Learning, where you can learn something new everywhere where you got internet access. Some websites even…

how to pick winning stocks using fundamental analysis

How to Pick Winning Stocks Using Fundamental Analysis

When it comes to investing in the stock market, there are many strategies that one can use to make a profit. One popular method is fundamental analysis, which involves examining a company's financial and economic data to determine its…

Start a Part Time Business

How to Start a Part Time Business?

When your job is boring, and you are tired of following the same old orders all over again, you often just want to be your own boss. But what keeps you from building your own business? You don´t have…

sense of belonging

What is the Sense of Belonging and How to Find it?

In today’s fast-paced, globalized world, it’s easy to feel. Many of us spend most of our time at work or in our homes, meaning there are few opportunities for social interaction. To make things worse, the digital age has…

feeling lonely

How to overcome the feeling of loneliness?

‍Loneliness is the feeling of isolation, lack of connection with others, and a sense of not belonging somewhere. It can be triggered by moving to a new place, leaving behind friends from home, or dealing with personal issues such…

Mission Vision and Values Statements

How to Write Mission, Vision, and Values Statements?

How to Write Mission Vision and Values Statements for Your Company ‍In the business world, getting caught up in all the numbers and statistics that go along with running a company is easy. Whether you're just starting out or…

How to buy and sell NFTs

How to buy and sell NFTs? And is it even worth the Risk?

The world of blockchain is rapidly expanding. Every day, new solutions are being developed to tackle real-world problems. These solutions involve digital tokens, which can be exchanged for goods and services or other digital tokens like Ethereum. There has…

Fear of heights

How to overcome fear of heights?

How to overcome fear of heights? If you have ever visited a tall structure, such as a skyscraper or a tower, you might have felt the natural fear of heights. In fact, this fear is so common that it…

What is Business Marketing

What is Marketing and how to market your business?

Marketing strategies have completely changed over time. Now modern strategies are much more practical and easier to apply. It starts with finding people who have a problem you can solve, and you need to ensure they know and trust…