toxic school system

Why are school systems so toxic and bad?

When the school system is so outdated that it was designed in the industrial age, the mentality is mass production and mass control; then you know there is something wrong with the system in this new age. Children have…

best online courses

Best Online Courses to learn a new Skill

Want to learn a new skill, find a new hobby or improve your personal and professional development? Then why not try out Online Learning where you can learn something new everywhere where you got internet access. Some websites even…

outlook in the future

outlook in the future

Hundred years ago, most people didn´t even know what a car or smartphone is. Now it´s hard to imagine life without it. But what is the outlook in the future of humankind? Are all jobs still around? Will AI…

How to get more confidence

How to get more confidence?

Confidence is a powerful feeling when you have it because it can make you feel unstoppable and on top of the world. However, when you struggle with confidence, you often get uncomfortable in new situations and unfamiliar places. But…

strategies to manage your time

Strategies to manage your Time

Making the time to focus on what matters every day is easier said than done. If often feels like there are never enough hours in the day to do what we really want to do. But why are you…

How to relieve stress and anxiety

How to relieve stress and anxiety?

There is a new epidemic sweeping the world, and it is not the virus. It´s stress and anxiety. So many people now experience stress and anxiety around the globe, and it becomes the new normal. Your health is at…

When is the next financial crisis

When is the next financial crisis?

To much panic in the world can damage not only the environment or society, it can also lead to big economic disasters. However, if it happens all at once, there’s something big going on. This can lead to a…

How to learn effectively

How to learn effectively?

Many think when they hear the word learning, they have to be a genius and outstanding memory. And to be willing to bury their heads in the books. But that is not the case; everyone can become an efficient…

How to build a successful team

How to build a successful team?

Most business owners think profit is the most important indicator of success. But what matters to become profitable is not how much money your company makes but how well your team works together. To archive corporate success, employees are…

Financial Freedom

How to create your financial freedom?

Financial Freedom and early retirement sound too good to be true if you are stuck in a 9-5 job. But when you don´t know how to save and invest money the right way; It won´t be easy. However the…

stop comparing yourself to others

Why you should stop comparing yourself to others?

Almost everybody compares themself to others. You can always find something you wish you had. It´s human nature; it starts in school by comparing grades and toys others have and judging looks and styles of someone else. But does…

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