What is happiness about

What is the Key to Happiness?

The pursuit of happiness is as old as humankind. Only recently, science and researchers have begun to examine what exactly makes us happy. While money and material wealth can bring great happiness to people in poorer countries, wealth has…

Are cooperations evil

Are cooperations evil?

You are probably aware that magicians use distraction as a part of their performances. They use smoke, flashing lights, and beautiful assistants to hide what they are actually doing. Did you know that cooperation uses similar tricks to seek…

How to test a business idea

How to Test a Business Idea?

The feeling you get when inspiration strikes, and suddenly everything in your mind falls perfectly into place. If this only happens more often? But there is a five-step plan that helps you find a brilliant idea and make inspiration…

How to change society

How to change society for the better

Societies are powerful things that shape our world. While we might never travel the full length of our home nation or meet the minority of our fellow citizens, we still feel a powerful connection to society. Outside of our…

best Investing platforms

What are the best Investing platforms?

This post contains affiliate links.  Trading and investing are some of the most popular ways to grow your money. But with so many different Investing brokers, it is hard to find the right solution to begin your investing journey.…

best online courses

Best Online Courses to learn a new Skill

Want to learn a new skill, find a new hobby or improve your personal and professional development? Then why not try out Online Learning, where you can learn something new everywhere where you got internet access. Some websites even…

How to work on a project

How to Work on a Project and Successfully Finish it

Many people have exciting ideas, but they never see the light of day. The problem is that the people waited when things like mood energy and everything else feel right. Other people enthusiastically start working on their idea right…