How to find your passion in life?

find your passion in life

The Dream of finding your passion in life can be the path to success and happiness. It gets even better when you can earn money by doing what you love, but this is easier said than done. Often people don´t know what hidden talents they have and make their living with jobs and career paths they don´t like.

A job requires skills that you sometimes don´t possess, and that is simply not right for you, which makes the work more stressful and way harder. Your work will probably be a big part of your life. Why waste your time with a career you hate only to earn money?

What if you could find your passion and discover a way to make money with your true talents?

How to find your passion in life?

Finding your passion isn´t an overnight process, but it can be well worth creating a fulfilling life. It is not a match made from heaven; you have to create opportunities and discover your passion on the way. Sometimes it is right in front of you; it can be something you are already interested in, or you do it already. So ask yourself the following Questions.

  • What could you do for hours without getting bored?
  • What do you enjoy learning about that keeps you interested even after days of research?
  • What would you do when you had complete financial freedom?

Ask close friends and family, people you really trust, what they think your strength and weaknesses are, and what the person admire about you. Don´t rush them to get an answer right away; give them time. It gives you an idea of how someone sees your personality and lets you find out what you are good at.

Of course, another person can´t decide what exactly your passion is, but someone can help you to discover your hidden talents. You can have mediocre skills at things you like, but mix them together and maybe create a new obsession.

Also, think about your childhood, what you loved doing, and what hobbies you had that you still do now.

On the flip side, you can reflect what you hate doing; it eliminates some options and gives you clear sight.

When you brainstorm about finding a passion you love doing, you are on the right track because you learn new things about yourself that lead you to the right path.

If you have found something worth trying, do more research, and keep improving your knowledge. Think about if you would do it, would you enjoy it for a long time?

Developing a plan

Another thing you do can is to make a list of the goals and dreams you have, no matter how ridiculous they may seem. Then create a list of everything you discovered that brings you happiness and enjoyment. You can use the above-asked question to figure out your abilities where you are skilled.

Finally, combine the two lists, and you may find something that overlaps with your dreams and your talents. This can become a passion worth following. Now you can develop a plan on how you get information and when you can try your idea. Only if you do it for a longer time do you get to know if it is the right choice.


No matter what you want to do, you have to gain information about what you want to learn and improve your skill set in the area. Find out all the important knowledge you need to start your journey. Ask people who are already experienced in the profession and receive advice from them. You can try to connect with someone in your region or find like-minded people online on quora, Reddit, or other forums and social media platforms.

When you collect the insights, you should start practicing the skills you need. You can search for online courses or train with other people in your area to get guidance for your first steps and to educate yourself further.

How to master the skill you want to learn?

Start with deconstructing the skill into smaller pieces and begin with the training by choosing the most critical parts first. It will help to improve performance in the least amount of time possible.

After that, get five resources and learn just enough to self-correct or self-edit as you practice when you know you make a mistake, then do something a little different.

Remove research barriers and all other things that get in the way of sitting down and doing the work.

Practice at least 20 hours to master the abilities.

If you made it this far by learning and improving yourself for the talent you wanted, and you are ready to keep going and still feel enjoyment and happiness, then you discovered your true passion.

Making Money with your Passion

You don´t have to quit your job right away, better start by thinking and researching the possibilities to create an income with your passion. Build up some savings while you get better and try to build a side business out of your passion, and then go all in.

If you already have enough expertise, you can try to teach other people by building an online course. This also benefits you because you may discover new techniques and knowledge you never thought about. An online Course or practice class can become a really profitable business when you reach out to people who may want to learn about the skill you have to offer. If these people hear that you teach with the same passion and you provide valuable lessons, it draws the interest of new possible students that are happy to pay for your services.

Share your talent with the world and show why you are passionate about it. It will help you do get discovered, and that may open special opportunities you never thought about.

But if it doesn´t work out as fast as you expected, you have to keep going and make sacrifices, stay patient and fight for it because most good things don´t come easy.


Even if you didn´t find your passion right away, or it wasn´t the right choice, you shouldn´t give up. Sometimes you get it when you don´t expect it, and there may be more passions to explore in your lifetime.

But you definitely know it when you get this feeling of true happiness and more fulfilling life; then, the journey was well worth it. Think about the stories you have to tell later on that can inspire others and help them live a life of their wildest dreams.

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