Debunking the Myth: Does money buy happiness?

Does money buy happiness

Many people have the opinion that you need money to become happier. But is money really the key to happiness, and will it solve all your problems? Or is it bad for the world and makes people more greedy and selfish?

Does money buy happiness?

Yes, with money, you may have lesser financial stress; however, it won´t make you truly happy. More money often brings even more problems.

Why do people think that money can buy happiness because they are still chasing the same things? They struggle enough that money is still a major factor in their life. As long as you don´t have enough income to bear money aside for bills, it is always on your mind. That’s when you think money can buy happiness, but that’s not really the case. It is the difference in how you spend money that gives you more happiness.

A professor named Tim Kasser from the University of Illinois found out that they are two different types of motives that drive human beings.

Extrinsic is when you are doing something to get something out of it, like wanting more money, more materialistic things, or status, and you are never satisfied. This is when you become greedy, selfish, and antisocial.

Intrinsic is following a passion, making the world a better place, and building loving relationships with family and friends. The joy from within, which is a feeling that money simply can´t buy.

The more you are driven by extrinsic values and the lesser you focus on intrinsic values, the more likely it is that you become depressed, insecure, and anxious.

Nobody thinks on their deathbed of all the things they bought or the likes they get on Instagram. No, they think of moments and experiences that had meaning and connection for them.

But you need money

Of course, you need money for shelter and food. Though is it really worth it for money to work a job you hate and live a life you don´t want to live?

No, simply, it is not worth the money because you won´t find any happiness. Yes, you need money, so maybe don´t quit a job you hate right away better find out where you can save and put money aside. Save money for at least six months so that you can cover your necessary expenses for yourself and others you take care of.

If you figured this out, you could search for an hour every day looking for a job you want to do. Find out what your dream job and passion are, and if you’re going to work for a specific company with a culture that makes you feel good. The best way to do this is to acquire a skill you want to learn more than anyone other in the world, where you have to push yourself and still love it.

And when this skill helps you serve people you really care about, then you can quit your job. Because even if it’s not the right job or you earn lesser money, you still have six months of savings, which should cover finding a dream job or working your way up to a higher rung in your new career.

You most likely have to work a long time in your life. This is why you should always choose a job where you are happy to go to work and find a purpose in doing so, overspending long hours, with a lot of stress and that you generally hate. A miserable job may pay you more, but it won´t help you to bring real joy in life.

What really brings happiness

It is not about chasing money or success; no, it’s about how you feel when you are by yourself. When you are deeply fulfilled and proud of who you are. But how do you archive fulfillment?

It is born from suffering; it’s not about something you want to do; it’s about doing the hard work. You have to acquire new skills in something that you are interested in, where you hopefully can build a deep passion around. And when you master those skills of what you love and enjoy doing and can serve others with it. It is the key to happiness.

Money can buy nice things; it gives you the temporary feeling of some joy, but the joy is going away fast. However, on the flip side, spending money on building something that you believe in that not only empowers you but also benefits other people. This is what will develop long-lasting fulfillment.

Even if the thing you are doing isn´t making you a lot of money, you feel the passion and enjoy it every day, and it helps you build skills that serve you and others. Always and every single time, choose fulfillment.

What can you do with money to become happier?

Every human is different from another, so you have to discover what brings you a feeling of happiness. Think about the times when you feel most alive and want to keep this feeling forever. What have you experienced at this moment that gives you true joy?

It is something that you do if people laughed at you, and it makes you feel terrible, but even then, you do it again just to get these emotions out of you. It´s what you do when you´re feeling down and hurt to get a better mood.

That’s the thing you should do; that’s where you should invest your money. It can be learning a new skill that fascinates you so much you can research and try it for hours without losing any interest in it.

Or you can spend money to try new things to find a passion and discover a hobby that you didn´t even think about before.

Others get the feeling of traveling the world, discovering new cultures, and experiencing new things.

While you won´t get this happiness when you buy only things for yourself, it can be if you are helping others with your money, giving them something that they really need and will appreciate.

Only go after that, which gives you this positive energy and the feeling of being truly alive. So don´t buy too much meaningless better; spend your money wisely, and push yourself to get a happier and fulfilled life.

Let me know what brings you happiness and the feeling of fulfillment.


Does money buy happiness?

According to research, money can indeed contribute to greater happiness and emotional well-being.

What does the study published in 2021 say about the relationship between money and happiness?

The study, published in the National Academy of Sciences, found that higher income levels are associated with higher levels of happiness.

What did the 2010 study by Daniel Kahneman and Matthew Killingsworth reveal?

The 2010 study, conducted by Daniel Kahneman and Matthew Killingsworth, discovered that there is a positive correlation between household income and overall happiness.

What did Kahneman and Killingsworth’s study called Track Your Happiness reveal?

The study found that higher income levels were associated with higher levels of happiness, supporting the idea that money can play a role in one’s emotional well-being.

Is money really the secret to happiness?

While money alone may not guarantee happiness, studies suggest that it can contribute to a greater sense of well-being.

What are some of the other factors that determine happiness?

While money is a significant factor, there are many other determinants of happiness, such as relationships, health, and personal fulfillment.

Can you buy happiness with money?

While money can contribute to happiness, it is not the sole determinant. Emotional well-being is influenced by a combination of various factors.

Does being rich make you miserable?

Contrary to the belief that higher income leads to unhappiness, research suggests that individuals with higher incomes tend to experience higher levels of happiness.

What did the study say about the correlation between money and happiness?

The study revealed a positive relationship between higher income levels and greater happiness.

Is there a link between income and happiness?

Yes, research has shown that there is a link between higher income levels and increased levels of happiness.

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